A Place You Can Be Proud Of - Your Social Media Garden

View of a garden full of beautiful flowers on the edge of a lake with trees around the edges
What if social media was something you could be proud of?

I've been exploring a lot of ideas related to social media, and this is my favorite one yet. As I was thinking about how we act on social media, I saw a tendency that I don't like at all: the time we are most visible on social media is often when we are at our worst. If you want to go viral and really be seen online, just have a meltdown and start fighting with people.

I see it all the time. Hell, I kinda lived it in my one viral moment. Definitely wasn't at my best. Maybe not my worst, but probably pretty close. Certainly not how I wanted to be seen.

And that's what social media typically gives us. We've all seen people getting "dunked on", for some opinion or another. It's super easy to remove all context from something someone said and add the context you need to make it seem like they are the worst/dumbest/whateverest person on earth.

I want to get away from that. I don't want to see people at their worst. I want to see people at their best. And that's what I'm going to build, a place where people can have that.

I'm calling it Social Media Gardens. As I was thinking about all of this, I kept coming back to the idea of gardens, where people intentionally work to create something they can be proud of, whether it is something beautiful, functional, whatever they want. They put in effort over time to make sure that it looks the way they want. They tame nature, leaving what they need, while cutting away the things they don't want around. They remove the weeds, they prune back dead branches, they plant the seeds that they want to grow.

And I think that's an amazing idea. What if we did the same when it came to social media? What if we could create a place we could be proud of, show off our work, and really have a personal showcase online?

My good friend Lobow, on our group podcasts, always finishes with a question for each of us: "What are you most proud of?"

This is his way to help people see how amazing they can be, specifically in the neurodivergent community, where we have typically heard the opposite.

What if we treated social media the same way?

We need tools that will help us, the same way gardeners use tools to make their garden grow the way they want it to. Tools that help us get away from the numbers we use to judge accounts, the followers, the likes, because those don't really mean much in the long run.

And that's what I'm building.

If that version of social media sounds like something you'd be interested in using, please sign up for the waitlist here.

More information will be coming soon.